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Gwynn Character Sheet and details Empty Gwynn Character Sheet and details

on Wed May 15, 2019 7:06 pm
Gwynn Character Sheet and details Gwynn_10

Name: Gwynn
Age: 27
Height: 7"5
Race: Faetouched

The son of the Pride King and a Forest Teller, Gwynn is a soul between two worlds. Raised in the Hidden Village by his mother, he has a deep love of the forest and mistrust of all that the Mono-City has brought to it's border. After being reunited with his father during his teenage years, for a time he hunted and lived amongst the Pride. However their way of life was at odds with the boy's heart, and eventually he respectfully requested to be allowed to leave, and make his own mark upon the dying world.
Leaving his father's side to start is own Gang, which he named 'The Wanderers,' he sought to bridge the gap between the disenfranchised citizens of the Wasteyards, and the secrets of Glymst'aven, believing their salvation to lay deeper within. The Wanderers are one of the few gangs that dare travel into the forest, trusting in their leader to guide them through the strange trees and coiled roots. Rumour has it they have travelled to depths darker than no others, and that Gwynn found something there, amongst the verdant green.

He has a long and unpleasant history with the military and city criminals, having repeatedly combated their attempts to further encroach upon the forest border. He was once captured by criminals, hired by militant leaders and kept prisoner underground in his younger, braver years, and was kept caged for many months before managing to escape. Once reunited with his gang, his hatred and enmity with those who had conspired to keep him from his home only grew stronger.

Gwynn's light hearted and veneer of foolishness give the impression of a mischievous and carefree youth, but underneath he wise beyond his years, and burdened with a deep sadness for all that the world has lost. He loves to hear tales that tell of a vibrant and storied history, believing them to be the key to a better future.

Gang Leader (3)
Favoured by the Pride (3)
Secret Information ???
Skilled at: Climbing, hunting and tracking, cooking (5)
Ferocious + weapon (claws and jaws, 2)
Forest traveller (1)
Knack for Magic (2)

Illiterate (+2)
Disliked by the Military, The underground mafia (+5)
Particularly bad at: Disguise/Hiding, building and crafting, maths, rope-work (+7)
Phobia of being caged. (+1)
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