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Adryanna Eildran Character Sheet Empty Adryanna Eildran Character Sheet

on Thu May 16, 2019 4:17 am
Adryanna Eildran Character Sheet D6jDaB3UcAAgdgN

Name: Adryanna Eildran
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Race: Human with Faetouched ancestry

>Paid Job (shopkeeper's assistant) -1
*other occupation: Bard (tip based, not salary based)
>A real weapon (dagger) -1
>Music -1

>Lock picking -2
*Disguise -2
*Hiding -2
>Trapping -2
>Disarming -2
>Speed -1
>Combat -1

>Can't cook +1
>Not particularly strong +1
>Disliked by underground criminals +1
>Disliked by the Mafia +2
>Magic hates her +2

>Dungeons/Jails +1
>Being captured/restrained +1
>Being blindfolded +1
>The dark +2*
>Enclosed spaces +2*
*it affects her ability to hide

Adryanna is very reserved during most times, only becoming a tad bit lively when she performs her duty as a bard. She's very suspicious of people, especially if she only just met them, and much rather have them out of arms length as much as possible. Calm, and seemingly aloof, many people (not counting the locals of the Junk Market) try to steer away from her unless she's performing. Under it all, however, there is a tenderness locked inside her that only a few people have witnessed.


Adryanna Eildren is a human born in the city but has Faetouched ancestry, courtesy of her great-grandmother. Seeing as her bloodline was watered down with generations being married to humans, she has lost almost all of the abilities that her race and clan had. The only things that got passed down to her was her heightened senses and golden eye color, of which is a peculiar (though not limited to) her Faetouched bloodline.

Her great-grandmother, Eliora Aldigran of the infamous Aldigran Clan (or the Golden Eyed Ones), fled to the city with the blind hope to regain a better life, as she was tired from the constant bloodshed that occurred between her family and the neighboring clans. She thought that she would find a good occupation, thinking that her high status in a major Faetouched clan would help her, but her hopes were shattered when all she saw was mistreatment from the Militia and from fellow Faetouched. Thus she sought refuge in the city's Underground and learned to survive. She met and married a human, but died due to sickness a year after having a child.

Generations passed and Adryanna learned the ropes of surviving the Underground, learning and honing her skills in thievery, to the dismay of her parents who managed to earn an honest living by fixing and making shoes and clothing. It was all going well until she reached the age sixteen where the Military came crashing through the Underground in search of her parents and captured them because of several accusations (however false) thrown to them by an unknown group. She wasn't captured, thankfully, as her father shoved her into a secret panel that the married couple made because they feared of a situation like this.

She tried her best to locate her parents, using all of the connections that she managed to develop through the years. It took her several months to finally infiltrate the dungeons, disguising herself as one of the city women that provided food for the guards and inmates. Desperate to find and free her parents, she hid in many crevices in the dungeons for days, seeing as the whole place was massive. When she finally saw them, however, both her mother and father were at a podium, skin filled with gashes and bruises that resulted from months and months of torture. Adryanna was going to attempt to rescue, but her father caught her eye just merely shook his head, as if urging her to get away and that he already accepted their death.

She ran to the roof, trying her best not to hear the painful screams of her parents as they died.

It was after that horrific experience that she decided to seek the truth as to why her parents were captured even though they didn't do anything wrong. She gathered information in the Underground, even resorted to violence just to get the information she needed from a weasel. Her thieving activities also grew more frequent, as she didn't have anything to keep her from going hungry. She stole from the rich, the foolish travelers that ventured the depths of the Underground, as well as a few of the gangs that resided there, thus earning their ire.

It was from a weary yet experienced sentinel that lost his will to serve that she found the answers to her questions.

It seemed that the Mafia had gotten wind that humans with having Aldigran blood resided in their territory and thought that they were a threat because they might cause an uprising (even though that thought was baseless), even though they insisted that they were human and not Faetouched. It was through their neighbors that the Mafia found out that it was Eildren family, and their leader decided that it was a good opportunity to throw a bone to the Military, seeing as they were desperate to end the rule of the Aldigran family. Killing two birds with one stone, the leader thought. The Militia would have their fun, and the threat to their territory would be no more.

Knowing all of this sparked a rage within Adryanna and sent her into a mission of revenge.

She started with the source, decided that slitting her treacherous neighbors' throats in the dead of night. It continued for a year, trailing behind her dead bodies that she confirmed had something to do with her parents' capture and death. She was caught by the Military after killing four members of the Mafia, one of which was the Don's niece, thus making it personal.

Bound, blindfolded, and gagged, she was thrown into a cold cell for days and days without much food and water. There were nights when the guards threw her into a tight cells, limiting her movements all the while enhancing her fear of the dark. She was tortured and starved, and was then sentenced to die.

It was her day of death that the heavens granted her luck.

The caravan that contained all the prisoners sentenced to die that day was broken into by bandits, unbeknownst to the guards. Disgusted that there weren't any loot to steal, they decided to just spite the Council and the Military by setting the prisoners free.

Hands broken as they knew of her lock-picking skills, Adryanna managed to stumble out, lucky to have made it out of the city, albeit in a daze. She was nearing the Wasteyard but as she was already starving and weakened, she passed out near a large pile of trash and debris. Accepting that this was the end, she just closed her eyes and waited for Death-

-and awoken in a small, dimly lit room. Looking around in a panic, she sat up and bellowed a cry of pain. Two figures rushed through the door, a tall, gangly man with glasses, and a woman barely reaching the man's shoulders, waddling around with a heavily pregnant belly. She stared at them for a beat, was about to speak when the two rushed to her side, concern evident on their faces. That was the last thing that she saw before falling into unconsciousness once again.

It took her a full day before she found out that the two were married and had a shop in the Junk Markets. They were nothing but kind to her, providing her food, clothes, and a room all to herself, and yet she was still skeptical. Many times she tried to escape, but the couple was tougher than she thought. They finally convinced her to stay two months after they've found her and that was when she decided to tell them who she was and what she's done.

By the end of her story, she was expecting them to slap her and send her away, because who would want a murderer in their happy household?, but to her shock, the two just shrugged and welcomed her to their family. "We don't judge by our pasts around here," the husband said. "Everyone in the Market sticks together."

It did take a lot of convincing the two that she should have a job. Adryanna wanted to at least give them money in exchange for a home even though the two always rejected her. They gave up after a week and gave her a job in their quaint bookstore, insisting that they give her half of the usual amount of salary seeing as she was living with them. There, she found comfort in books (after the woman taught her how to read) and learned how to play the lute and the flute, thus becoming the local bard.
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