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Gary Merchant character sheet Empty Gary Merchant character sheet

on Wed May 29, 2019 6:55 am
Alright, here's my fella.

Name: Gary Merchant
Age: Nobody would swear to know, but seems early middle aged.
Race: Human, probably

Background: Gary was born in the city to parents suspected of rebellious tendencies, and his early life was one of inherited paranoia. He ran away from home often, unable to truly understand why his mother and father told him so little of their plans, or why children of other families treated him poorly when they played together. One of these times, he returned home to find their house locked and his parents taken. They never returned, and thus began Gary’s life outside the Council’s law.

Young Gary did not spend long grieving for his parents. He realised part of him had always expected something like this would happen, and now that it had come to pass, awful as it was, he was able to breathe. He took to the tunnels below the city where the council had fewer eyes, but that lawless environment was tough for a boy still very much a child.

Gary was slowly forced further and further outwards through the undercity in seach of safe territory, and soon enough found himself on the edge of the wasteyards. Without the instincts for theft, he survived by fossicking through the garbage piles, even those long scoured bare. Whether by desperation or a keen eye, the boy displayed a knack for picking up objects or fragments with some hidden worth, carrying them around until he found a buyer whose specific needs they fit.

After many months of this, Gary had gone from scrawny, penniless boy to a decently-well off trader, and his collection of “interesting bits” had grown large enough to fill a reinforced sack which he hauled hither and yon. The young man was well known and somewhat popular among Wasteyard residents, as he always spoke to those he passed on his routes - the better to understand their needs. When the Blue Merchant Gang “politely” asked him to join or cease trading in their territory, he signed on with a smile, and “Gary Merchant” became a fixture of the region.

The Gang soon allocated Gary a scrap of territory on the Forest-side edge of their lands - a rough and desolate plot which had driven off 3 consecutive tenants without yielding up a profit. Gary built himself a comfy little hovel, and then immediately left to resume his travelling - just as the Gang had hoped.

His little home and way of business have now remained the same for long decades, and despite some slight improvements made to both as a result of his success, Gary shows no higher ambition. At some early point in his career he acquired a grotesque mask, clearly an expensive piece from the city but so awkward it was thrown away and passed over until he picked it up. Since that time the mask has been his public face, and the sight of it, along with his uneven gait and heavy sack, a part of folklore for those living beyond the City walls.

Personality: Gary has led a long and storied life, and is well liked across a substantial area in which he trades. Despite this, he makes few real friends, and talks very little about himself. His home in the Wasteyards remains empty except for when he occasionally returns to rest, and he generally seems to have few thoughts which do not concern his work.

Despite his lack of friends, Gary takes a genuine interest in the lives and concerns of those he meets, and freely offers his advice and further aid as he can. To him, this people watching is life’s great sport, and extending what aid he can both furthers the amusement and helps to repay people for bearing the brunt of his curiosity. Some folk still reject his advances, sensing mockery in his detached and jovial assessment of their problems. But as far as anyone can tell, the help he offers is genuine, and often of surprising value. Certainly, he has not lost his eye for picking up things which, though they seem obscure, will someday be of use to just the right person... finding that person is Gary’s life’s great joy.

Gary has had a lengthy tenure with the Blue Merchants, successfully turning a profit every year for over 4 decades. Still, in all that time he has never had the eye or ambition to expand his “business”, and so he’s regarded as something of a mascot rather than any serious player in the gang’s power structure. Most gang members do genuinely respect “Uncle Gary”, due to the good he does their reputation and his undeniable trading instincts. Overall, he is proud to be affiliated with the powerful gang, even if he does little to advance their agenda.

Gary has very little ego and is generally happy to avoid conflict and deflect aggression wherever possible - he is not a fighter. This philosophy extends to action against the City and the Unified Council. While secretly he would be thrilled to see their power fail, for the pragmatic merchant this is a fanciful dream, and so he always shies away from direct action against them. He will sometimes offer advice or material support, but even then seems more serious and concerned than usual, and will never even suggest violent resistance aloud.

Deep down, Gary has not forgotten what happened to his parents, and his unspoken desire for privacy and famous mask hint that even now, a generation later, he suspects the Council hasn’t either.

Appearance: Gary is of roughly average height for a human, but seems shorter most often as he hunches under the weight of his sack. His face is always obscured by a dented, tarnished bronze mask, heavy and grotesque, in the shape of a distorted, jester-like face caught somewhere between laugh and grimace. Behind it, he can be seen to have thinning, grey hair, which matches the general age and condition of his body. His skin tone is pale, like many City-dwellers.

His clothes are simple enough, but are not found junk, some of Gary’s few bought-and-paid-for possessions. Mostly grey, the long trousers and jacket are warm and have plenty of pockets. He sometimes wears robes or other more eccentric items, but not usually while on his trade routes.

Gary’s voice is quite deep, and still rich with amusement and life as he reaches middle age. Perhaps it helps explain why so many decide to trust him with their problems.

Base points -3
Illiterate -2
Charisma and Charm +1
A Home +1
A Paid Job +1
Physically Frail -1
Part of the Rebellion +0
Gang Membership (Blue Merchants) +3
Dirt (His true identity) -1
Talent (Junk trader) +1
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