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    For the lucky minority, this city provides comfort and safety, provided you follow the rules of the Unified Council. Work is plentiful but well paid jobs are few and hard to obtain. Many barely scrape by, but most are too afraid to give up the little they have and seek a life outside the city streets. It's buildings are large and imposing, often restructured over the top of what used to be towns or settlements belonging to unique cultures. The streets are dirty and dangerous, with many thieves and unsavoury folk living in the darker corners of civilisation.
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    Many parts of the city have been built over large underground structures, forgotten tunnels and long abandoned caverns, and for some this is an opportunity to escape the bustling and heavily militarised landscape above. For other's it is an opportunity to hide from governing forces, that would seek to police their activity, unsavoury or otherwise. Some of these tunnels and networks lead outside the city into the Wasteyards, or perhaps even further beyond, but many haven't been travelled in years; and who knows what might lurk there in the dark.
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    Between the forest and the Mono-City lie the Wasteyards, mile's of trash, refuse and other debris created by the city's expansions. Many who seek life outside the city itself end up here, eking out a living amongst the junk. Life here is rough, and the people who life it tend to be well worn and rough around the edges. Living in shacks and pieced together dwellings, often built into the side of mounds of garbage, their existence is one of little comfort. Those fortunate enough to have carved themselves a liveable slice of this barren land tend to be protective if it, and often value anything that can brighten their otherwise difficult existence.
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    The Pride and their territory exist to the south of the Markets, closer to the foothills of the Arc, the mountain range that circles Glymst'aven. Lead by a fierce and physically imposing faetouched berserker, they are tough, ruthless, and fiercely loyal to their King. Their trust is difficult to earn, and they rarely allow outsiders to freely enter their territory. They have a tenuous relationship with the Blue Merchants, and tolerate one another as long as borders are respected. Other smaller gangs had better not catch their gaze.
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    The Junk Markets is a central location, and the greatest hub of commerce outside of the city walls. Protected and situated within the Blue Merchant Gang territory, the people who live and trade here exchange some freedom for safety. Rent is based on the amount you earn- but if you don't use your space wisely it's liable to be reclaimed and handed to someone else. Despite their sometimes strict approach, the Blue Merchants are one of the more respected and liked gangs in the Wasteyards, Their leader calls herself the Blue Merchant's Daughter, and even higher ranking members of rival gangs know not to mess with the people she consider's under her protection. Many believe she has ties to the rebellion, and is helping them to gather resources, but for now this is just hopeful speculation.
    All are allowed to enter the markets, but larger groups of rival gang members are barely tolerated, even at the edges of their domain. Most know better than to test their patience. The Military forces will sometimes visit this area, as it is one of the higher populations outside of the city. In interest of keeping it that way, their presence is begrudgingly permitted.
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    It is perhaps fortunate that the Artery flows out of the forest, and thus escapes the pollution it might otherwise suffer. Despite being one of the few sources of fresh water, some are afraid that it might be poisoned with strange magics. Others however, depend on it for fish, water, crabs and in some cases respite. Those who go here must be careful not to unwittingly stray into Pride territory.
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    One of the few bodies of fresh water yet to be reached by the approach of the Mono-City, many who live in the wasteyards depend on the fish and crabs that can be gathered here. Located at the icy feet of the Arc, Angel's Tear is considered by many to be a sacred place, where Angel's once fought a great war. Those who have a touch of angelic blood, can often trace their lineage to the waters edge.
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    The area where the forest meets the wastes, this is as close as many have been to Glymst'aven.
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    The last major opposing force to the rule of the Unified Council, the Rebels have fled the city, and set up a base of operations in the treetops of Glymst'aven. Lead by an eclectic group of cultural remnants and revolutionaries, not a lot get's done fast, and city is as vast as it is imposing. The rebels have their work cut out for them, but rumour has it one of their leaders has found a way to infiltrate the inner workings of the council. Others say that the rebels have begun to look inwards to the forest, hoping to find some hidden magic or untold power that will bring about the end of the Mono-City.
    Their dwellings are cobbled together from salvaged materials, much of it gathered from years back, when the Mono-City began replacing it's remaining wooden architecture. They try to keep most of their camp above ground, as it keeps them safer from the unlikely potential of a military raid; or the much more likely, accidental intrusions from the strange beasts that dwell deeper within.
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    The secret village of the Faetouched isn't as hard to find as you might think- but it does require a willingness to travel deeper into Glymst'aven than many would be comfortable doing. Established long before the rebel camp their homes and buildings are built into the trees and the earth itself, often extending down between the roots. Some believe that early faetouched forest-tellers were able to shape the trees to their will, or that they spoke to the forest and negotiated their place amongst it's feet. Many faetouched never leave the village, and have never seen the city from close, but others have travelled out, or left the forest all together. The rebel forces have long sought an ally in these strange peoples, but reactions have been mixed. Many believe that Glymst'aven will protect them from the cities advances, and that there is no need to put themselves in harms way for humans. Opinions are mixed, and some are willing to stand and fight for the people beyond the woods, but they tend to be a minority, especially within the village itself.
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